Explore the options at the end of your lease at Land Rover San Juan

If your Land Rover lease is about to come to an end, your choices are just beginning at Land Rover San Juan. We can work with you to help you find the next step that's the best match for your lifestyle and your budget. You might want to continue leasing your Land Rover SUV or perhaps you want to drive home in something new. Either way, our staff is ready to help you make the decision that's right for you. Here's an outline of the many choices you have with us at Land Rover San Juan.

You have multiple lease-end options when you work with our dealership

Our team is committed to helping to meet all your transportation needs while helping you get behind the wheel of the model that's the best match for your lifestyle. Please note that we can accept your Land Rover lease return even if your lease originated with another dealership.

Option #1: Purchase your leased Land Rover SUV

It's very common for Land Rover lessees to become attached to the Land Rover they've been driving every day over the course of their lease contract. If that's the case for you, you can buy it outright and keep driving it over the long term. Simply visit our finance center to explore your purchasing options so you can make your Land Rover Discovery or Land Rover Range Rover Sport completely your own. As soon as your purchase is finalized, you will have no more mileage limitations or fees from that point on. 

Purchase Your Leased Land Rover

Option #2: Sign up for a new Land Rover lease

To get the most out of leasing your Land Rover model, you might want to lease another new Land Rover at the end of your current contract. That would allow you to continue enjoying the benefits of short-term ownership and drive home in a new Land Rover every few years. When you exercise that option, you can take advantage of all the latest technology and performance features. After you return your leased model, our Land Rover consultants can help you get familiar with our lineup so you can find the perfect option for your next vehicle.

Land Rover Lease Options

Option #3: Return your leased Land Rover and walk away

At Land Rover San Juan, we know that there are times when the option that works best for you is simply to return your Land Rover model and move on to other choices. While driving home in another new Land Rover SUV might not be the next step you want to take, you can hand over the keys to your current leased vehicle and our team can help you close out your leasing contract.

We will help you have a quick and simple end to your current lease by providing you with outstanding customer service. Of course, if you ever change your mind, our knowledgeable staff will be ready to help you find another new or pre-owned Land Rover in the future.

Option #4: Buy one of our new or used models

After you return your Land Rover, you don't have to sign a new lease. At Land Rover San Juan we make it easy to find your next vehicle with our complete inventory of new and used cars, trucks and SUVs. By purchasing a Land Rover, you'll begin to build cash value in the car you drive every day and that can be a much better long-term financial decision. Let us help you decide on the best option for you at Land Rover San Juan in San Juan TX.

Buy A new Land Rover

Lease-end FAQs

As your lease comes to an end at Land Rover San Juan, you probably have a number of questions that you're wondering about. Here are some of the most common questions we hear and answers we hope will be helpful.

What happens when I turn in a leased car?

When you return your leased Land Rover, you surrender the vehicle to us. toward the end of your leasing contract, we will do a thorough inspection of your Land Rover, checking for any excess wear and tear or damage that exceeds what's allowed in your leasing contract. You can then have any repairs made at your expense in order to fulfill the terms of your contract.

How can I get out of a Land Rover lease without penalty?

In order to avoid early termination fees and other penalties at the end of your lease, you have a number of choices available. Your lease agreement at Land Rover San Juan gives you an option to buy the lease out early. If you have enough cash on hand to purchase the vehicle for a good price, you can buy the car and then keep driving it or sell it to someone else.

Can I turn in my leased Land Rover early for another car?

Yes, at Land Rover San Juan, you can return a lease early. Even if you started your lease with another dealership, we can process your return and help you get started on another new lease or other options that are available to you. Just talk to the experts in our finance center to find out more details.

Is it better to lease or purchase a Land Rover with a loan?

A lease is better if you want to keep your monthly payments as low as possible and you want to give yourself the option of signing another new lease and moving into another new Land Rover every few years. A lease also gives you a lower initial down payment than what you'd have with a car loan. But a car loan is better for most people because it allows you to build cash equity in the car you're driving every day and that's money you can use to buy your next vehicle. In addition, a car loan lets you someday own your vehicle. Those are benefits you don't get with a lease.

What is the net capitalized cost in a lease?

The net capitalized cost is the final selling price of the vehicle. It's equal to the gross capitalized cost minus all rebates, incentives and any upfront money that you invest into your leased Land Rover.

Can I extend a lease on a Land Rover?

If you need more time to get the Land Rover you want, or if you're not sure whether you want to purchase or turning in your current Land Rover, you might qualify to extend your lease. As a general rule you can only extend your lease for six months if you are eligible.

How do I negotiate a Land Rover lease renewal?

Simply contact us at Land Rover San Juan and let us know that you want to extend your lease. We will be glad to review your request and determine whether you're eligible for the kind of extension you want.

Can a Land Rover lease be transferred to another person?

Yes, a Transfer of Equity/Lease might allow you to transfer ownership, equity and responsibilities for your Land Rover to a new customer who agrees to be bound by that contract.

Can I sell my Land Rover lease?

Yes, you can sell your Land Rover lease any time you want. Just remember that when you return your lease before the due date, you'll be responsible for an early termination fee. Ask us about any other lease-end questions you have at Land Rover San Juan in San Juan TX.