The New Land Rover Defender, The Most Durable Land Rover You Can Find

We have watched the Land Rover Defender evolve throughout the years as the company tries to make the SUV perform and look better. The company achieved these and so much more. The new Land Rover Defender is the most durable SUV you can find in the automobile market. Its body is made from the toughest materials. It also is the most capable Land Rover. It is tough for extreme terrains like icy roads, sandy terrains, and urban jungles. The new Land Rover Defender is available as a two-door or a four-door SUV. Both have unique interior designs and space that differentiates one from the other.


The new Land Rover Defender has two engines with incredible power to run the SUV; a 296 hp inline-4 2-liter turbocharged engine with 295 pound-feet torque and a 395 hp inline-6 3-liter electric supercharged and turbocharged engine with 406 pound-feet torque. Each engine is connected to an automatic eight-speed transmission gearbox. The inline-6 engine offers more exhilarating drives because it can reach 60 mph in just 5.8 seconds, while the inline-4 achieves the same in 7.7 seconds. The new Land Rover Defender is strong enough to tow 8,201 pounds. The fuel consumption of the SUV is also conservatory; the inline-4 engine has highway ratings of 21 mpg, while the inline-6 has ratings of 22 mpg.

Interior and Exterior

The three rows of seats can hold a maximum of seven passengers. The interior spacing may look disappointing at first glance, but it is more than adequate for comfort in all your adventures. Since the Land Rover Defender is built for all roads, the company ensured that you could comfortably conquer any road by giving you plenty of passenger volume. Cargo volume behind the third-row seats is 34 cubic feet but increases to 78.8 cubic feet with folded seats. The seats can either be fabric or leather in high trims.

The dashboard has a 10-inch screen that runs the Pivi Pro system, the company's new interface. Unlike the old interface, the Touch Pro Duo, this system needs a single touch of the screen for access to controls. It has a quicker response time, unlike the old interface. There is smartphone connectivity, navigation, a memory seat for the driver, Wi-Fi, and a sound system.

Land Rover gives the new Defender a completely new exterior look by shifting from the old boxed shape to a more modern design. The shoulders of the SUV are narrow and the edges softer. It has 19 or 20-inch large aluminum wheels.

Standard Equipment

The infotainment system is standard in all models of the new Land Rover Defender. Other standard equipment include an all-wheel drive, 3D surround camera, air suspension, twin-speed transfer case, and a terrain response system. Standard safety equipment includes emergency brakes and lane-keep assist.

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Land Rover uses a clear exit monitor, blind-spot assist, rear traffic monitor, and emergency braking to improve safety on the roads of McAllen. Clear exit monitor is active when passengers unlatch their door. It warns them of an approaching cyclist or vehicle that might cause an accident. Blind-spot assist comes with a warning light that alerts you of a vehicle detected in your blind-spot. The SUV's body is also made of strong material to improve protection on the road and enhance the vehicle's durability. Rear traffic monitor monitors and warns you of vehicles or any other road user approaching your vehicle from the side. Emergency braking warns you of an impending crash and automatically brakes the Defender when you fail to take action.


Land Rover offers six unique trims; the 110 SE, 110 First Edition, the 110, the 110 HSE, the 110 S, and the 110 X. The variety increases the likelihood of every Harlingen and Pharr client finding the SUV with the most desirable features for them.

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